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10 Tips to Avoid Bad Credit – Understanding Seaman Loan Contract Terms to Stay Away from BP 22 Court Case and Bad Debt

The effects of being on bad credit status could be devastating for a seaman / seawoman when we speak about loan application. A cancelled credit card, a closed bank account or checking account due to unpaid balance or worse, a … Continue reading

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Seaman Loan Lowest Interest Rate – How and Where to Apply

So you are here because you are looking for a lending company that offers lowest interest rate for a seaman loan. Fact is, even if and eventually, there is one, the difference will lie in how fast they process the … Continue reading

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Seaman Loan for Pay On Board Type and Self Allotment Salary Seafarers

I have assisted so many times in so many cases a seafarer whose type of salary is called pay on board looking to apply for seaman loan. If you are of this case and you wanted to borrow money from … Continue reading

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