Seaman Loan for 88 Aces Maritime Sailors

88 aces maritime agency

88 Aces Maritime

Are you an 88 Aces Maritime Services manning agency seaman and you are looking to get quick cash non collateral personal loan? Our seaman loan in this case is just the perfect loan product for you. We can have your application approved in no time as fast as 1 day release and same day cash proceeds turnover.

Although as of this point, we’ve noticed that this crewing agency had their recruitment license already expired, I would like to reiterate that some manning agencies already have their application of renewal of license to recruit in POEA is still pending approval. In this case, you might still be able to qualify to apply for our seaman loan offer in the Philippines.

seaman loan requirements

Checklist of Requirements

What you have to do is to make sure first that you already have a scheduled departure and have the complete set of seaman loan requirements which are all basically just the documents you have with your agency. You can read the list in the blue underlined link above.

Please also see the official map location of 88 Aces Maritime office so you know how to get there if you are a seaman trying to apply for a slot to be part of their crewing manpower pool.

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