10 Tips to Avoid Bad Credit – Understanding Seaman Loan Contract Terms to Stay Away from BP 22 Court Case and Bad Debt

bounced check case sampleThe effects of being on bad credit status could be devastating for a seaman / seawoman when we speak about loan application. A cancelled credit card, a closed bank account or checking account due to unpaid balance or worse, a BP-22 court case could only offer no less than the previous case. Therefore, these 2 cases are supposedly the most avoided by any seafarer who had an existing loan with any lending company. But why is it that many sailors still end up with such bad credit status even if this is the case? The answer is “negligence”. Sad to say that it is because many seafarers fail to understand what they are doing and what they should do, come an instance. Continue reading

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3 Best Ways to Get Good Seaman Credit Standing – Choose the Perfect Co Borrower, Get A Pro Agent and Understand Loan Contract Terms

good credit standing2 of probably the best ways for a seaman to be able to stay away from being debt ridden and bad credit standing is to pay on time and get only the amount of loan right for your income and expenses. But did you know that there are many other factors involved in order to remain in good standing with your loan accounts apart from paying in advance or on time and getting the right loanable amount? Continue reading

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6 Factors for Faster Seaman Loan Application Approval

1 Day Release Seaman Loan Just to inform what specific pre-qualification requirements can turn into an advantage for a sailor looking to apply for loan? I will be enumerating the 6 major factors that can help influence the speedy approval of the seaman loan application process and expedite the release of the cash / cheque or cash card. Continue reading

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In our call to provide information for all seafarers regarding their intent to apply for seaman loan, we are listing the latest list of 2014 POEA accredited manning agencies. We will be posting them one by one in aide of an alphabetical order. Continue reading

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