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Seaman Loan Guide is a center for all online inquiry dedicated to all seafarers who are looking for information regarding the different cash loan options and choices today which they can qualify to apply as a borrower. We don’t just cater to seaman loan, we offer free information and assistance to all sea-based workers for their personal non-collateral loan application.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide primary information to all maritime workers looking to make their loan processing easy, hassle-free, stress-free and fast. We will be offering free seaman personal loan consultation, loan consolidation, restructuring information and assistance. This includes bank loans and private financing loan offers. We want to inform our clients that we have providers in most provinces in the Philippines as well as in Metro Manila.

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Why Our Service is Free

If you found us, you must be wondering why we don’t charge a single centavo for all our assistance and consultation services. There must be some catch in this, otherwise, where else will we get the money to pay for this website or for its mere presence in the internet? The answer is a big YES! there is a catch to this.

Fact is, to make it simple, by being duly authorized, accredited and affiliated with multiple top lending companies all over the Philippines, WE GET PAID by affiliation commission when we refer loan applicants. This means that we earn by using our expertise in loan and lending system in the Philippines thereby assisting potential clients using this website (and many other sites) to help them choose the right loan provider.

Loan borrowers that we assist don’t get charged in their loan proceeds to have us paid. Wala pong ibinabawas sa inyong loan para kami ay kumita, unless otherwise disclosed by the lending companies in the form of agent’s fee or broker’s fee. In that case, it will be noted. In short, lending companies pay us.

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Hidden Charges for a Loan is Against the Law

Here at Seaman Loan, we strongly observe and believe in the implementation of the new Philippine Lending Law (REPUBLIC ACT No. 3765) (Truth In Lending Act) which states that – It is hereby declared to be the policy of the State to protect its citizens from a lack of awareness of the true cost of credit to the user by assuring a full disclosure of such cost with a view of preventing the uninformed use of credit to the detriment of the national economy“. You can read more of the context here.

The same reason why we make sure that our clients are well informed of their right to ask questions and know ALL the different charges incurred in their loan. If and should we fail to give you a warning, our cash lending providers will do it and explain to you in a simple and more clearly and answer all questions you ask regarding your loan terms from interest rates, charges and fees and payment or amortization options. It is our duty to assure our borrowers who consult with us that they are well advised to ask questions before signing any loan contract.

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Your Advantage

Borrowers always look for a service where they can trust to work to their advantage in all terms of a loan application. If more than 200 lending company provider options is not enough, what about FREE advice, consultation and assistance? Free means we don’t charge you at all!

Just imagine that apart from getting first hand useful knowledge in applying for a particular loan, you also get to take it for a fact that the minute you decide to avail of our FREE SERVICES, you also get the chance to talk to multiple top lending companies all over the Philippines in one inquiry / call. We know how each and every provider we have in terms of processing issues and application approval chances.

The power is in your hands and the choice is yours! Will you go for some fly-by-night type of loan agent or will you trust your loan application and documentary requirements with someone who knows how it works and whom you have a wider range of choices for the special case in each and every seafarer in you?

Whether you are a pay on board, self allottee, tipping system, bad credit, declined of denied to apply or with allotment type of a maritime worker, we definitely and absolutely have the perfect lending company for your cash needs. For particulars, Call Us Now!

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