No ATM Seaman Loan

no atm seaman loanMany seafarers have the fear of lending companies taking their allotment ATM when they apply for loan. This is why we are making it clear to all that the No ATM Seaman Loan may be availed from different lending company providers all over the country and you have the option to apply for this type of unsecured credit from your local loan agent or broker. Just remember though, don’t be a walk in applicant. Read the reason why here. I am a professional and duly accredited loan broker and I know it when a seafarer needs to apply for this loan or not or if he or she will qualify or not. To skip all the hassle in asking and don’t know where to go in the first place, SeamanLoans.Com has written this article to help sailors understand more about personal loan for seaman that does not take their allotment ATM as part of the collateral to qualify for a loan. A separate issue on the use of PDC or post-dated check via applying for a checking account with an affiliated bank is another but we will explain them both in a manner that is easy to understand for all parties. Continue reading

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SRC – Seafarer’s Registration Certificate Issuance, Requirements, Fees and Procedure of Application

What is Seafarer’s Registration Certificate?

seaman bookOne of the most important documents of a maritime worker is the SRC. This seaman ID is also known as the Seafarer’s Registration Certificate. Apart from being a requirement for embarkation to a vessel during employment or assignment, this card is also needed in many cases. The SRC is also a requirement prior to applying and acquiring or issuance of a seaman book. Other uses for this identification card is for primary ID in application of passport, visa and employment purposes by a sailor. Most importantly, the SRC is also a need if and whenever you are applying for seaman loan. Continue reading

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Are you a seafarer living near the area of Makati City? Here is one of your supposed target maritime manning agencies to apply for. AAREMA SHIPPING & TRADING COMPANY INC. is one of the duly licensed sea-based jobs recruitment agency in the Philippines authorized with license to pool manpower for the shipping industry. They have the following information enlisted in the official website of the POEA as part of their license validity, contact person if you want to apply as a seaman and their hotline telephone numbers as well as the exact location address of the placement agency. We have also embedded a map from Google Maps to guide you if you don’t know how to get there. Continue reading

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Seaman Loan for 88 Aces Maritime Sailors

88 aces maritime agency

88 Aces Maritime

Are you an 88 Aces Maritime Services manning agency seaman and you are looking to get quick cash non collateral personal loan? Our seaman loan in this case is just the perfect loan product for you. We can have your application approved in no time as fast as 1 day release and same day cash proceeds turnover.

Although as of this point, we’ve noticed that this crewing agency had their recruitment license already expired, I would like to reiterate that some manning agencies already have their application of renewal of license to recruit in POEA is still pending approval. In this case, you might still be able to qualify to apply for our seaman loan offer in the Philippines. Continue reading

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Allottee Loan for Seaman Beneficiary – Non Collateral Loan for Seafarer Allottee with Proof of Allotment Slip

seaman allottee loan

Seafarer Allottee Loan

3 Types of Seaman Salary

Not all seafarers have allotment slip or categorized as “with allotment”. While there are 3 types of salary for all maritime workers of a sailing ship or vessel, some of them belong to the category of self-allottee while some are pay-on-board. The first one I’ve mentioned above are the only types of paid sailors who can avail to qualify for the allottee loan. This is a non-collateral unsecured personal loan offer by different private lending companies. Continue reading

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