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Delinquent Accounts
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We Help Declined Seaman

Here at SeamanLoans.Com, we refer loan providers for maritime workers with delinquent account.

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Recover from Bad Credit

We will find a company willing to give loan recovery program so you can get out of bad credit. In return, you will maintain and pay your amortization on time. This is a last chance so don't waste it.

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Allottee Loan Offer in the Philippines

This particular loan for seaman beneficiary is intended to cater to seaman and other position maritime workers in the Philippines who were not able to file or apply for seaman loan and have already embarked on voyage but needs additional funds to leave for family.

Usually, if the seafarer is married, the wife is the one who receives the allotment either from the manning agency (for the self-allottee sailors) or from the bank or ATM.

Note that all sailor documents in photocopy will be needed by the allottee receiver in order to qualify to apply for this particular unsecured, non-collateral loan. They are as listed below:

Loan Requirements

  • Completely filled up application form from the lending company provider
  • POEA-validated LATEST contract
  • OEC (latest and valid)
  • Allotment slip or allotment certificate where the declared allottee will be confirmed
  • Marriage contract (if married) / birth certificate of kids (if living in together) / if self allottee - first degree relative ID (usually parents or sibblings)
  • Original electric or water bill as proof of billing
  • 2 valid primary IDs
  • SRC or seaman's registration certificate ID
  • Latest and valid passport
  • Seaman book
  • 1 co-borrower with income

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