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Service is the Difference

Our seaman loan has the fastest loan processing and lowest interest rate of all the cash loan offers to borrowers in the Philippines. The same reason why it is also called as the 1 day release loan.

Offered by both banks and private financing and lending companies, we guarantee to give you the lowest interest rate available first from our affiliate providers. You also don't need to surrender your ATM card. We've made basic requirements easy to produce for maritime workers too.

Multiple Affiliated Providers
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Widest Choice of Providers
With us, it's like calling multiple lending companies in one. We take pride in teaming up with top Philippines loan providers and we bring them all to you.

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Application Advantages
1 day release loan 1 Day Release Loan
Easy to produce requirements. Fast loan turnover.
1 month grace period 1 Month Grace Period
You don't have to pay for the first month.
no collateral loan No Collateral Needed
With providers that don't take your allotment ATM card.
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News & Updates
Loan application requirements made easier to produce.
Processing time made faster than you can imagine.
A provider that doesn't force you to surrender your allotment ATM.
24/7 and most extensive contact numbers available for better assistance.
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